ALPS II White Papers

All attendees were encouraged to produce a white paper on a topic of their choosing that is relevant to the ALPS-II mission:

  1. To survey progress in autonomous platforms and sensors for ocean research since the original ALPS meeting 13 years ago
  2. To assess future prospects and challenges

The scientific application, technical development, and operations and management of ALPS are of interest.

The objective of soliciting white papers is to allow all participants to provide background material and new directions and perspectives on topics that they represent at the meeting. Ideally the white papers will be forward looking and identify new opportunities or directions in the use or development of autonomous platforms and sensors.


Bogue and Maas | MRV Systems: Marine Robotic Vehicles

Boss | Coordination of Observing Assets for Improved Ocean Observations

Bushinsky et al. |Oxygen Measurements from Autonomous Vehicles: Applications and Challenges

Centurioni and Lumpkin | The Global Drifter Program: Evolution, Current Status, Impacts, and Future Directions

Clayson et al. | Observing Air-Sea Exchange with a Free-Drifting SPAR Buoy

Cole | Investigating Small-Scale Processes from an Abundance of Autonomous Observations

Davis et al. | Thoughts on Second Generation Gliders

Eriksen | Observing the Full Ocean Water Column with Deepgliders

Goni et al. | Underwater Glider Observations for Atlantic Tropical Cyclone Studies and Forecasts

Jayne | Air Deployable Profiling Floats

Johnson | RBR: Sensor Innovation

Nguyen et al. | Arctic Argo-Type Floats: The Needs, Potentials, and Challenges

Roemmich and Zilberman | The Deep Argo Program: Broad-Scale Sampling of the Full Ocean Water Column

Roquet et al. | In Situ Observations Using Tagged Animals

Schofield et al. | Distributed Ocean Robots are a Key to Entraining the Next Generation into Ocean Literacy and Lifelong Learning

Schofield et al. | Evolution-Informed Autonomous Networks to Characterize Biological Hotspots in the World’s Ocean

Tenreiro et al. | Assessing Vertical Structure of the Anticyclonic Loop Current Eddies with Autonomous Underwater Gliders

Todd | On the Potential for Sustained Gulf Stream Monitoring with Autonomous Underwater Gliders

Toole et al. | Autonomous Observation of the Polar Oceans Below Sea Ice

Walsh et al. | Perspectives for Accuracy and Quality Assurance of CTD & Biochemical Data Streams from Autonomous Platforms

White | The EU BRIDGES glider project